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Answers to common questions on creating transcripts of text messages

Transcript Samples

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Color SMS Bubbles
IM Style - Monochrome
IM Style - Color
Uniform Transcript Format(UTF)
Uniform Transcript Format(UTF)-with note space

Articles on texting while driving

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Philadelphia to Ticket People for Texting While Walking
Texting-while-driving violations in NY to go from 3 points to 5 points on license

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Mobile Device Use Timeline for use as Evidence in Traffic Violations/Citations

While texting and driving is illegal in most states, if you find yourself the recipient of a ticket for texting while driving, walking or biking, a transcript and log of your device's activity will assist you in your case.

As part of our SMS Witness™ program, SMS Witness for Traffic Court produces a complete output of text messaging activity in a format presentable for courtroom use. In addition, we can also provide a timeline reconstruction of device use including geographic-event positioning (where the device was when an event occured).

Certified Reconstruction of Text Messaging and Device History

How will a transcript of my phone's activity prove I didn't delete messages or alter the data?
Our transcripts are produced directly from your device's database. Each text message or phone call is assigned an ID number in the database. By producing an excerpt of the database of the time period in question, that excerpt will conclusively show what records are present and missing (deleted). In short, the recovery of your messages in logical format will present a timeline of sent and received messages, with corresponding documentation to prove the data's authenticity.

Process Overview:
  • Customer completes the service request form, and arragements are made for an examiner from Richmond Computer to collect date from the device. Collection can occur at a mutually convenient location, or through remote means.
  • The owner of the device fills out a consent form, and the device is connected to a special data collection laptop (in person collection only)
  • The harvested data is processed for production based on the criteria you provide. Additional analysis is available on request.
  • A transcript is provided in PDF format within 3 business days. Printed, bound and certified copies are available upon request for an additional charge
Throughout the process, the device never leaves the sight of the device owner or agent.
Once completed, the device is returned to service immediately.