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Managed Services - Predictable Costs for Outsourced IT Administration

What are managed services?

Managed Services is outsourcing of day-to-day IT management, adminstration and Computer Network Support as a model for cost effective IT operations. Managed services are comprised of a menu of tasks and operations centrally managed by Richmond Tech & Telecom's expert staff and customer service center. Examples include:

  • Onsite/Offsite support
  • Helpdesk
  • Asset management & inventory

Controlling and managing technology costs through a predictable service model will help your business plan and budget computer operations and long range strategic planning. Through Richmond Tech & Telecom's managed services program maintenance and operational costs are flatlined on a fixed scale. In addition to providing cost controls, we package centrally managed antivirus software and offsite backup services with any managed service plan.

In addition to providing system management, managed and centrally controlled antivirus software and offsite backup, we add in remote support services, allowing our techs to respond to service requests on the fly for faster response and quicker incident resolution.
If your company wants to make technology costs predictable and improve reliability, call us at (215) 634-2997 or e-mail us for more information.


Managed Services are available at fixed rates per service, per device or per user. Please contact us to request a quotation for services. Services are available on a fixed term contract or month to month basis. Call us at (215) 634-2997 or e-mail us for a proposal.