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SMS Witness is available in two service levels, standard and premium.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • I need to order a premium transcript of messages from my phone. Will a technician travel to my location to perform the data collection?
  • Yes! Richmond Computer will travel to you to collect your data and produce a transcript. We can also coordinate meeting in a mutually convenient location to provide the service.
  • How long does the data collection phase take?
  • Collection of text messages from your phone takes less than a half hour.
  • Does SMS Witness recover deleted text messages from my mobile device?
  • Generally, no. SMS Witness is a service that takes messages currently stored on the device and converts them to a printable transcript in PDF format. If you need to have deleted text messages recovered, please visit our text message recovery service page.
  • What is the difference between the standard and premium versions of SMS Witness?
  • The standard service is designed for individuals who want an electronic transcript of their messages. This service does not require an onsite technician to recover and process your data. Processed messages are provided in a single PDF file.
    The premium service utilizes strict procedures that permit the certification of transcripts produced from text messages on your device, which may be admissible in court proceedings. Also included is an index and the option to have excerpts of conversations produced, at a nominal additional charge. Check with your attorney prior to ordering.
  • What happens to my data after it is collected and processed by Richmond Computer?
  • We collect statistics from your data, but the data itself is destroyed. See our privacy policy.
  • If I order a standard transcript and later decide I want to use it in a court case, can I upgrade to the premium service?
  • In order for your text messages to be considered for admissibility, a different process must be followed from the beginning of the order. The processes covered in the standard service do not adhere to the required procedures that enable the transcript to be certified. A discount is available to upgrade to the premium service if you have already had a standard transcript produced by SMS Witness.