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Easy Setup

Sit back and relax while we set everything up. No configuration required by the end users.

VoIP PBX Business Telephone Systems

Richmond Computer's Penntelco IP based PBX business telephone system is a comprehensive voice-over-IP (VOIP) system that is highly customizable for office use. Our business telephone system is scalable for organizations between 2 and 200 employees (or phones), regardless of geographic location.

The Penntelco system is managed by service technicians local to the Philadelphia area. We strive to provide rapid response for deployment and support. Our service area includes Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Lehigh County and Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

Overview of PBX System Capabilities

Pick and choose from many features:

  • Voicemail delivered to your email
  • Fax to email - email to fax
  • Conference calling (similar to Join-me)
  • Call forwarding, call waiting
  • Call recording
  • Call record reports
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Custom call flows
  • Find Me-Follow Me (ring to multiple phones)
  • Day/night mode settings
  • On hold music
  • Multiple extensions
  • Keep your existing phone numbers
  • Use your phone anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Turn any cell phone, laptop, tablet or PC into a Softphone (to make phone calls using your landline number)
Philadelphia Business VOIP PBX telephone system

Pricing & Service plans

We offer two pricing structures based on organization size and features.

Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is for small organizations with up to 5 phones and includes the following functions:

  • Voicemail to email
  • Fax to email
  • Call transfers
  • Music on hold
  • Virtual receptionist
  • 2 call channels + 1 floating channel for simultaneous calls
  • All inbound calls are free. Outbound calls are $0.02/per minute. All plans come with 15MB of storage for voicemail, faxes, music on hold, and voicemail greetings. All plans also include customizable phone trees, and transfers of inbound calls.

    -- Itemized pricing, per month --

    Phone numbers $10.00/each
    E911 service (required) $2.50/each extension
    2 inbound calling channels + 1 floating channel FREE with all plans

    -- Service Packages (choose one) --
    Basic ServiceStandard FeatureSmall BusinessBusiness Premium
    $10.00/month$24.99/month $52.75/month*******

    -- Optional Add Ons --
    Additional extensions $3.00/ea additional device
    Add unlimited data storage (for music on hold, voicemail storage, greetings) $40.00/month
    Inbound calls (per minute) FREE
    Outbound calls (per minute) $0.02
    Busy lamp field (for enterprise phones) Not available
    Call parking Not available

    Enterprise Service

    Enterprise service plans include advanced features not available in the basic package. Premium features are availble in 2 packages: Professional and Enterprise. The features available in each package are listed below:

    Enterprise Service Package Comparison
    All features from basic package plus:
    Up to 20 Extensions
    5 call trunks (for simultaneous calls, per number)
    Automated attendant/Interactive Voice Recording (IVR)
    Ring groups with caller-ID prefixes
    After-hours call flow
    Receive fax by email
    100MB storage space
    All features from professional package plus:
    Up to 100 Extensions
    15 call trunks (additional available on request)
    Call Parking, Blind & Attended call transfers
    Dial by name directory
    Web fax (send outbound fax through web portal)
    Zoned Paging system
    Send/receive SMS messages
    Busy Lamp Feature(BLF) (extension status indicator)
    Voicemail transcription
    Wake up calls
    User control panel (view call history, review voicemail, send faxes)
    500MB voicemail/music storage


    $59.95 per month $149.95 per month
    -- Other charges not included with service plan, per month --
    Phone numbers $10.00/each
    E911 service (required) $5.00/phone number
    Additional Extensions FREE
    Calling channels 10 per external number, additional available in groups of
    10 for $20/month

    Enterprise Pacakge Price: $124.95/month

    -- INCLUDED Add Ons --
    Additional extensions FREE
    Inbound calls (per minute) FREE
    Outbound calls (per minute) $0.01
    Busy lamp field (for enterprise phones) FREE
    Call parking FREE
    Attended call transfer FREE

    Compare us to Comcast*

    Richmond Computer's PennTelco VOIP service is superior to Comcast in many ways!
    Our pricing structure is straightforward and less expensive than Comcast. We do not lock customers into long term contracts or force customers to pay early termination fees. Why? Because we know you will be happy with our service and will have no reason to switch to another provider. With our Enterprise Business service plan, we do not charge for add ons like call parking, BLF, intercom use or music on hold.

    Another superiority of our service is we do not require you to install any proprietary network equipment to make the phones work. Extra parts are potential failures when they break. Simply plug your phone into any internet connection anywhere and talk!

    Compare our Service

    Philadelphia Business VOIP PBX telephone system

    Need support? With Comcast, you'll have to navigate their confusing automated system and speak with an overseas telephone agent. Richmond Computer will always provide local support on the phone and will promptly dispatch an onsite tech to assist with any problem at no charge*.

    Compare our Equipment

    Philadelphia Business VOIP PBX telephone system

    With a PennTelco account, we provide superior phones with color LED screens over Comcast's monochrome LCD displays. The PennTelco phones are easier to read, easier to navigate, and offer a more pleasant user experience.

Customized call flow options

With the PennTelco system, we have the ability to provide pinpoint call flow behavior in how your phones will ring under certain circumstances. We have the ability to provide after-hours ring behaviors, and ring the phones you want to ring when someone calls your establishment at a specific time of day.

  • Daytime & evening calling behaviors (Business hours setting)
  • Ring one or multiple phones
  • "Find me, Follow me" technology for ringing your extensions
  • Shared voicemail boxes
  • All programmed by our staff -- no need for your company to program the system