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Cloud Services

Many types of services once housed in-house can now be deployed to the internet. They include:

  • Storage
  • Backup
  • System Management
  • Antivirus
  • Microsoft Exchange E-mail
  • Microsoft Office
  • Customer Management & Sales Databases
  • Financial programs (Quickbooks, Sage)

  • Richmond Tech & Telecom has served small businesses in the Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Lancaster County and Lehigh County regions since 2002, and offers a diverse portfolio of products and services geared towards making technology predictable, reliable and cost effective.

    Cloud Services - What are they?

    In short, when we say "the cloud", we are referring to data and communication services that operate via the internet on a server that is based outside of your organization. Today, everyone touches the cloud in some shape or form. For example, gmail and hotmail based email accounts are cloud services, with email in accounts residing on their servers and being retrieved from a web page or fat client such as Microsoft Outlook.

    Cloud based services are technology functions that were traditionally housed on premesis and now reside on a hosted server accessed through the internet. Examples include Microsoft Outlook/Exchange e-mail, data backup of servers or laptops and database programs.

    Moving services to the cloud makes technology costs predictable.
    Richmond Tech & Telecom has been a provider of cloud based services for small businesses for many years. These services include backing up of data to an offsite storage server, storage of live data offsite and providing integrated access to that data for Windows and Mac users, corporate email systems and telecommunications.

    Cloud based computing allows employees to access data from anywhere in the world without cumbersome remote access software. By outsourcing the operation of physical servers, your business can eliminate maintenance headaches, lost productivity when equipment fails, and reclaim physical space dedicated to housing servers. Moving services to the cloud makes technology costs predictable. Contact us today to learn more how cloud based technology can benefit your Philadelphia, Bucks County, Lancaster County or Lehigh County organization.

    Consulting Services For Cloud Based Services

    If your organization is faced with upgrading, replacing, migrating or expanding current server operations, you've come to the right place to seek consultation for alternatives to in house server operation.We provide consulting services that help your organization make the decision best for your operations. While the cloud may not be the answer to every organization's needs, we will provide you with an unbiased alternatives analysis to guide the decision making process.

    The goal of our services is to help you reduce total cost of ownership (TOC), maximize your IT budget for productivity, simplify how individuals and organizations interface with technology, and make costs predictable.

    Cloud Services We Provide


    Store your data on the internet and access from the web or through a mapped network drive Windows Explorer on a PC, or as a mounted drive on Macs.

    We make cloud storage as easy as mapping a network drive to any laptop or desktop, providing you and your organization with access to mission critical data from any internet connection in the world.

    More Cost effective than an in-house file server:

    An average small business Microsoft based server costs $3,500 to purchase and can be expected to last 6 years. That equates to roughly $580/month. We can provide that same storage medium for as little as $10/month. Costs vary on data size and number of users. Reclaim your closets and "server rooms" by going to the cloud. Under this methodology, the routine of daily backups is now obsolete. Our service provides up to 60 days of file and version history, and our servers are backup up redundancy in co-location centers. We guarantee a 99.9% uptime. Our servers are based in Newark, New Jersey with a mirror system in Canada.


    Backup your in house computer systems to an offsite storage server. This protects your data from being lost in the event that a disaster strikes your facility (fire, flood, etc). Offsite data backup is complimentary to an existing in-house backup to tape, USB or NAS drive.
    Pricing starts at $0.35 per gigabyte.

    Remote Access Solutions

    Have a remote work force or staff that works offsite but your data is in-house? We provide the expertise to deploy services to allow employees to remotely access computers or data to be productive while out of the office.

    Commercial Grade E-mail Systems

    Businesses today use one of three types of e-mail systems:
    1. Generic, free mail accounts (e.g.
    2. Domain based POP/IMAP e-mail (
    3. Microsoft Exchange based e-mail

    We offer mail hosting services for both items #2 and 3. See our page on website and email hosting services for details

    Website Hosting

    We host, manage and maintain websites including the management of your site's SSL certificate, a necessity with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox's safe website policy.
    We have been maintaining and operating websites for many organizations in the Philadelphia area since 2003.


    For as little as $3.00/month, we provide a managed antivirus system. Our system both monitors and protects your computers, and provides our service desk with instant notification of any compromise in security, helping us respond to threats and hijacked systems in a timely manner.