Computer Training

Want to improve how your organization understands and uses technology?

Understanding how the programs you've invested in operate, to their fullest potential, is key to maximizing the gains in efficiency that computers provide. Through our training programs, your organization can become more productive, cut down on paper, and streamline processes.

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Sessions suited to your needs
Richmond Computer offers training sessions to both individuals and groups. Training and learning sessions can be held at your location, or at a nearby computer lab. We can provide learning sessions in a classroom environment at locations such as Temple University or Bucks County Community College, or other community center equipped with a computer lab.
Learning sessions are 100% custom tailored to the applications you use or need to learn, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, One Note, Quickbooks,Peachtree or other customer relationship management package. We also partner with specialized software vendors such as Procare for industry specific applications.
Would you like to provide your staff with a basic but focused training session or series of sessions to assist them with learning a particular application or enhance existing knowledge? For a standard, flat rate, we provide a popular training program called "Lunch and Learn", which is a 30 to 45 minute teaching presentation which includes a pizza lunch for all staff provided by Richmond Computer. Sessions are conducted at your premises, and must have an area conducive to using a projector for use during the presentation.
Pricing: Training sessions are $199 per session + hospitality