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How we can obtain your data

How we obtain your data depends on the phone type and information to be collected:


  • Extraction from phone
  • Extraction from iCloud backup set

Android based devices

  • Extraction from phone
  • Extraction from SMS Backup file

In cases where data is extracted directly from the phone, we can travel to your location or meet at a mutually agreeable location to extract the data. Phones also may be mailed to us at the shipper's expense. Please contact us before shipping any devices to us.

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Pricing Information

Use the chart below to determine pricing for your request. Total cost for this service is based upon the following:
Data collection, analysis & searching for records and production. Additional charges apply for certification of the process and production of the records for use in litigation.

For questions, please call (215) 634-2997 or contact us via e-mail at

Service Description Price Unit
Data collection (onsite) $175 per device
Travel Rate (for onsite collections in PA/NJ/DE/MD/NY) $80 per hour
Data culling (Search & Recovery)
Data set search (searches can be performed by contact name, phone number, keyword/phrase) $225 per search
Text message production to individual text files with Metadata $0.30 per message
Searchable formatted PDF transcript with keyword index(sample) $0.30 per message
Certification & Courtroom Testimony/Expert Witness
Transcript Certification $225 per transcript set
Expert witness & courtroom testimony $600 per day
Data storage & preservation
Storage cost/data preservation
Note: All data from your case is purged from our systems 7 days from delivery of transcripts
$12 per gigabyte, per month

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Please contact us for an initial consultation at (215) 634-2997, or by e-mail at


Richmond Computer does not provide legal advice for any issues related to the recovery of data from mobile devices, and its admissibility in a court of law. Please check with your attorney prior to contracting our services for any questions related to using transcripts of text messages in litigation.

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