Overview of Services

  • iPhone, Android & Blackberry data recovery
  • Facebook Account Data Harvesting
  • Server & PC data collection
  • Media Pickup and transport
  • Analysis, reporting & presentation

Data Collection Services

Richmond Computer provides logical data collection services for litigation purposes. We collect/harvest data from smartphones, tablets, laptops, servers and traditional PCs. Physical collection can be done according to a number of methods, including manufacturer backup software and third party device imaging software.

A brief summary of the most popular forms of collection are listed below:

data harvesting
Smartphone Data collection

Our experts conduct full device data collection on all versions of Apple's iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices. Following collection, we can isolate specific records requested for analysis and presentation. We specialize in producing transcripts of SMS text messages in formats presentable in court for use in civil and criminal litigation.
We are the trusted source for data collection, processing and presentation of records by several law firms in Philadelphia.

data harvesting
Facebook Data harvesting & analysis

We provide collection, processing and analysis of data from Facebook® accounts. Our services include translation from foreign languages, record counts, contact analysis, communications and activity history.

Presentation of Findings

Following data collection, we provide analysis through inspection, measurement and modeling to provide decision makers with conclusions for the production of refined reports generated from the original data set.

Throughout the process, we provide a number of deliverables related to your project or case, based upon the initial request and initial findings from our analysis of the data.

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our service is available nationwide. We provide means for electronic collection of data through remote access channels, or technicians flown to your location for in person collection and processing.

Analysis, Reporting & Certification
Philadelphia Pennsylvania Forensic Imaging

Richmond Computer provides extensive analysis of harvested data from smartphones (iPhones, Android, Blackberry) for use in report generation (transcripts, e-mails, photos). Analysis and reporting includes record counts, message to contact ratios and counts, missing record reports (deletion history), and inventory.

As required, certification and authenticity of the records will accompany reports. Hash codes for all files will be generated on request.

Using Concordance® as your review platform?

We provide harvested data in formats in plug-and-play format, ready for doc review teams