Philadelphia networking

Contact us to request service, or call (215)634-2997 - Philadelphia
(215)359-4160 - Bucks County
(717)500-1717 - Lancaster County
(202)900-8324 - Washington, D.C.

Who we serve?

  • Small businesses 2-75 employees
  • Non-profits
  • Construction companies & contractors
  • Wholesalers
  • Law firms
  • Hospitality industry
  • Insurance & Real Estate firms
  • Specialty Manufacturers
  • Human services

Cabling and Network Infrastructure

The network is the backbone of your Information Technology(IT) system. Poorly organized and maintained networks are prone to outages and poor performance, making the simplest of tasks a major headache. We specialize in designing, building, operating and maintaining(DBOM) business class networks in all types of environments.

Our licensed and insured technicians have over 30 years experience running CAT-3, 5 or 6, coax and audio cabling in commercial environments.
We also service existing network infrastructure from all points behind your ISP's connection including: routers, switches and modems. As an HP dealer, we have access to HP Enterprise commercial grade networking equipment.

All our work is backed by a
25 year warranty
We run cabling in new construction and existing facilities. We also provide re-work services to cleanup dead cable, straightened and manage existing cable, and make your network closets manageable again.

Philadelphia small business computer support

Common Applications

We do more than just pull cable
  • Camera Systems
  • Telephone systems (VOIP or analog)
  • DEMARC extensions
  • Door entry systems
  • Door phones/intercoms
  • WiFi networks - standalone and unified
  • Upgrade and/or replacement of network routers and switches
  • Network relocation

Work Samples

Below are just a few examples of our work in commercial environments.

Network closet makeover, Pennsauken New Jersey
CCTV system installation, South Philadelphia Sports Complex
Ceiling mounted projector installation
New network cabling, patch panel and 6U rack installation
Network rack and ladder installation